Our building process

BBD Tim Meghan Ellerslie Lincoln HERO

How do we build houses? We start by listening to you.

Whether you have a section already, know exactly what you want, or you're keen to explore every option, we're here to help you at every step.

From design right through to moving day, we're on-hand so you can be totally confident. Building a house is a big deal, but it shouldn't be daunting.

We can help from as early on as finding a section if you'd like; and we also have access to a mortgage broker, in-house architects and our own project manager to keep your build moving smoothly.

House plans

By understanding what you want, we can transform your needs into concept plans drawn by our in-house architects.


With plans up to your standard, we can present and go over the documents that concern you most: our Masterbuild fixed-price contract, tender, and your concept plans.


Next, we'll complete construction drawings and get everything council-approved. This is where you get to finalise colours and designs, while your build team get set up on-site.


With consent just around the corner, Pete will go over your tender to ensure that nothing's been missed before the fun starts.


Finally, your new home can come to life! We'll keep you up-to-date online and in-person alongside our trusted contractors. Pete will personally manage everything but you're welcome to get involved.


Every contract has a completion date in the fine print, so once your home is built and everything's been signed off it's time to celebrate!

90 day check

We're always available after move-in day, but at the three-month mark we'll come and check everything's as it should be. This is an opportunity for us to take care of any minor fixes.

10 year guarantee

You're protected by a 10-year Masterbuild Guarantee, so feel free to relax and enjoy your brand-new home with added peace of mind. You deserve it!