Looking to downsize?

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Whether the kids have flown the nest, you want to downsize to free up some equity, or you are looking to build something more manageable on a smaller, low maintenance site, we would love to help you on this journey.

Our Design and Build Consultants will help you create a design that is functional, affordable and has your personality woven through it. Your unique home will be one you love and are proud to wake up in every morning.

Why downsize with us?


Working alongside our experienced design and build consultants, together we will create plans that are as unique as you; while meeting all the council requirements and remaining within your investment amount. When we say we involve you at every step, we mean it!


On top of our own high standards, every home we build is backed by a MasterBuild 10 Year Guarantee. We always work with the same network of trusted contractors, and we only build a maximum of 25 homes per year so we can ensure the highest level of workmanship and care.


Our job is to help you design and build a home you'll love, and all of us are here to ensure your experience is positive and rewarding. We encourage your involvement through the entire process and will initiate site meetings to ensure you are always included and informed.


We understand the stress that surrounds building a house because we've been there ourselves. With dedicated project managers and smart tools like the Buildertrend app, we actively keep you informed and up to date with your home's progress as it takes shape.


We've worked in the building industry for over 30 years. With experience in large, nationwide companies, franchises, and local building teams, the knowledge we've gained and the networks we've built mean we can offer you the total package: personalised service, value for money, and quality in a time-efficient manner.

10 Year Guarantee

Every contract is protected by the 10 Year Masterbuild Guarantee, a mark of quality and excellence in our industry. For us, it's a standard we hold ourselves to. But for you, it's confirmation that you're protected should your home be anything other than built to the highest standard.

Capital gains

Building over buying lets you access equity faster, and you'll receive a sizeable asset the moment you get your keys. All your fittings and appliances are brand new as well, which gives you a great advantage on the property market if you choose to sell and do it all over again!

Downsizing in Halswell

Glenn and Dianne purchased a beautiful section in Halswell at the foot of the Cashmere Hills, so a design that maximised the sun and view was a no-brainer.

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